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When you embark upon the journey to purchase a property and possibly to sell your home you need to be prepared!

The first step is to be clear about your objectives. If you are selling a home to purchase a new one what are the underlying factors driving this? The reasons can vary from job relocation to needing more space or downsizing. Whatever the reason it needs to be a compelling one it takes time, money and effort to buy and sell property.

If you are selling a property once you have had it valued you need to contact your solicitor as soon as your property is marketed for sale. This can help speed up the process at a later stage when you have found the property you want to purchase. It is also advisable to work through your finances you may find the right property quickly and you will need to be considered as being in a position to proceed in order for your offer to be taken seriously this includes being able to offer proof that you can go forward.

The next stage is to decide on the area that you would like to purchase in. This can be dictated by house prices, communication links, schools, jobs or family ties. Start to research property prices in that area by looking at the local newspaper and visiting a property search engine such as which can be accessed via Once you have established that you can purchase what you want within your budget then start contacting Estate Agents for viewing.